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How To Increase Semen Volume

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Reviewer: Jack Duprey
How to Increase Semen Volume

Struggling to figure out how to increase semen volume? Many men struggle with this same conundrum on a daily basis, so know that you are not alone in your quest. Let's take a look at ways men have successfully managed to increase semen volume and how you can too. Applying this information should have you blowing bigger loads in no time!

So what are the most common ways to naturally increase semen volume? Most of them are pretty straight forward! According to the Mayo Clinic, a great place to start is by reducing alcohol use and avoiding any type of non-prescribed drugs. Both of these things can have a negative impact on the quality and even quantity of your semen. Another very simple tip to a bigger load is to exercise more often. It has been proven that health is directly linked to better sex overall and this can do wonders for your seminal production. Avoid tight fitting underwear at all costs. They will increase the temperature of your scrotum and lead to less semen overall. Switching to wearing boxers can make a world of difference. A commonly overlooked method that will help you increase your semen volume is to simply ejaculate less frequently. This will help you build up your load to ensure that when you do let it spew, it erupts like a volcano. Alongside these simple lifestyle changes, you will need to consider the role that your diet plays in the semen creation process.

You may want to evaluate your diet to ensure that you are getting the necessary ingredients for optimal semen production. For example, consuming juicy fruits like melon, peaches, plums and kiwi can tremendously help your production efforts. Leafy greens are said to be excellent in aiding this process because they not only contain nutrients, but also a lot of water that your body can utilize. Cutting junk food is known to help increase semen volume because of all the additives in the food that you are consuming. Eating fresher, healthier foods is one of the keys to success to increase semen volume. Overall, a healthy diet plays a very important role in the health and volume of your semen. In addition to these simple tips, using a semen enhancing supplement can drastically improve the size of your ejaculate.

So now that you how to increase your semen volume using some really straightforward tips, let's look at what supplements can help your endeavor. Some major ingredients for semen creation are zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid. Of course, you could make every effort to consume these on your own, but it is extremely simple to take them in supplement form. The top rated supplement to help you increase semen volume is Semenax. Semenax contains an incredible amount of herbal ingredients that will have you multiply the size of your load in a few short weeks. Applying the tips above, in conjunction with Semenax should have you finishing like a porn star in no time!

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